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Sur Jahan (previous name Sufi Sutra) is an annual three-day World Peace Music Festival with the motto ‘Music for Peace, Music for All’. Held in Kolkata on the first weekend of February, followed by Goa, artists from around the world and different states of India participate in this non-commercial, non-ticketed festival. The format includes 1 daytime workshop and 1 evening concert for each of the participating international bands. Usually 5-6 International bands and 3 National bands participate in each edition.

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Coreyah, Korea

Radiant Arcadia, Denmark

Ale Moller, Sweden

Dalinda, Hungary

Folks of Bengal, India

Daniyel Waro, Reunion Island

Teams of 2020

A decade of World Peace Music Festival Sur Jahan, celebrating cultural diversity and pluralism!
The festival is a harbinger of music, harmony and togetherness. What the celebration has held together for the past years is an assemblage of World Music bands and folk artists of India, and the year 2020 will be no exception. The 3-day festival from 31st January 2020 to 2nd February is here to witness euphonious tunes together with scintillating performances. The event has a very interesting line-up with Dalinda - exploring Hungarian folk melodies; Radiant Arcadia – all women band from Denmark, Godfather of Nordic music 'Ale Moller', South Korean band Coreyah and the legendary singer Danyèl Waro from the Reunion island. The festival continues to showcase traditional handicraft and folk performances creating a true music carnival in the city of Kolkata, where global culture matters! After Kolkata, the festival travels to Goa, the gateway of India and will be held on Feb 5-7. This is the first time, Sur Jahan also travels to the Heritage city - Jaipur and to be held on Feb 8-10.



The site of Sur Jahan is abuzz through the entire span of the festival. A corner is dedicated to craftspeople engaging with visitors about traditional art and artisans displaying their unique artwork in the form of folk painting, embroidery, and weaving in designated stalls. They’re pleased to meet visitors and eager to answer questions about their process. Folk singers and performance artists holding crowds in thrall with little scheduled shows from afternoon to evening. The participating bands discuss their music, tradition, instruments, engage with the audience and collaborate with local bands. They even conduct and participate in small scale workshops during the mornings of Day 2 and Day 3. A little way away from this constant activity is the enchanted main stage, which only comes alive at sundown.

Festival Stories

Over the years, many participating artists, both international and national have performed and brought the language of music to life. Invited guests return with beautiful memories and perhaps a food for thought for us. The audience have motivated us to be braver their encouraging words and views. Here, we have strived to bring you these lived anecdotes from the performers, guests and viewers who have become part of the Sur Jahan family.

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One of the biggest music extravaganzas in the heart of Kolkata allows you to explore hidden gems of Bengal. Discover folk stories in Pingla; indulge in the sounds of rural Bengal in Tepantar, Joydev and Shantiniketan. Let your taste buds explore authentic cuisines of the country. This grand music festival is an opportunity to enjoy the local culture and landscapes of Bengal, Goa at its finest.


Sur Jahan is one of the biggest music festivals of India. Its evolution as a headliner music concert has been supported by various national and international media over time. Three days of extravaganza is covered by the leading dailies of Kolkata, Goa, and Delhi; previously by media in Patna and Dhaka too. Along with news channels and national streaming services, bloggers too flock to the music festival.

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